FRA Florida Children’s Book Award

2017-2018 Florida Reading Association’s
Children’s Book Award Nominations



Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth

By Jarvis

Alligator Alan terrorizes his jungle-mates by flashing sharp, well-polished teeth–until Barry the beaver reveals those teeth are false. Copyright 2016


Don’t call me choochie pooh!

By Sean Taylor & Kate Hindley

A little dog’s owner pampers it to an almost unbearable extent. Even worse, the owner calls the dog things such as “Ickle Pickle Woof Woof”–and right in front of some tough-looking dogs! But guess who else has embarrassing owners? Copyright 2017


Douglas, You Need Glasses!

By Ged Adamson

Dog Douglas keeps mistaking one thing for another (e.g., the “squirrel” he’s chasing is a tumbling leaf), so his young owner finally brings him to the optician.


Ida, Always

By Caron Levis & Charles Santoso

Inspired by real polar bears, Ida and Gus, who lived in the Central Park Zoo, Levis writes a tender tale of friendship and loss. Copyright 2016 Horn Book Guide Reviews.


By Lisa Papp

Madeline struggles with reading and yearns to earn a star sticker from her teacher rather than a heart that says “Keep Trying.” Persistence pays off in this heartwarming story when Madeline improves her skills while reading aloud to Bonnie, a dog involved in a canine library program. Copyright 2017


Memoirs of a Parrot

By Devin Scillian & Tim Bowers

“Wilbur’s Pet Shop is closed today. Good.” So begins ornery pet-shop parrot Brock’s fifteen days of diary-like observations. After a guy purchases him, there’s tension at home until the pair survives a near disaster together. Copyright 2017


This is NOT a Hippopotamus!

By Juliette Maciver & Sarah Davis

In this humorous rhyming story, when a hippopotamus can’t be found at a safari, an entire class becomes “hippo-hunters,” spotting other animals and mistaking them for the hippo (“That’s NOT a hippopotamus!”). Readers will notice the hippo hidden within the skilled illustrations, which also capture the diverse, exuberant class and their exasperated teacher who finally listens to little Liam–who “REALLY see[s] ‘im!” Copyright 2017


Tree : a peek-through picture book

By Britta Teckentrup

Through a hole in the book’s cover, an owl invites you inside to meet a majestic tree and all its forest inhabitants during the changing seasons. With clever peekaboo holes throughout, each page reveals a new set of animals playing and living in the tree.



This program was designed to encourage young children to become enthusiastic about books by soliciting their votes for the Children’s Book Award.  Students in Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades will be reading and voting on these books.