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Sea Turtle Café Procedures

Sea Turtle Café Procedures

Each student will be issued a Student ID badge on a lanyard. Students must wear their badge to the lunch room as this is how they will access their lunch accounts.

Parents may pay on-line by using Paypams with a credit card or you can send a check to the school café. Make checks payable to PV Rawlings Café. Please seal the check in an envelope with your students name and teacher on the front.

Once a student’s account gets to $0.00, no a la carte purchases are permitted. Any debt must be paid before any a la carte purchases can be made; this includes any debt carried over from the previous year and from the student’s last school within St. Johns County School District.

If you need to put a limit on your student’s account, please email me at [email protected]

Here are few examples of limits: lunch only, 1 extra per day, snack on Fridays only, and $3.00 daily.