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Donations – Help Our Library Grow!

bouncingbookDonations – Help Our Library Grow!

We would like to offer you the opportunity to give the gift of a book! With a donation of $20.00 or $25.00 a library bound book will be purchased for our school’s media center. This book will be placed in our library for students to check out and enjoy again and again!

To make a donation, click on the Donation Form link below.

Donation Form

Thank you!



Donations/Gifts to the media center are welcomed and encouraged! Donations/Gifts will be examined critically using the same criteria used for the selection of new materials to be added to our collection with the understanding that donations/gifts will only be used if they meet selection standards. Items will be added to the collection if it is determined that they meet the criteria in the media center collection policy. The media specialist reserves the right to determine appropriate use of donations/gifts. All donations/gifts will be deleted from the collection as the library media specialist deems appropriate. Any items that cannot be used in our media center will be passed along to our classroom teachers or placed in our book prize cabinet.


You can also donate to the Saint Johns County Education Foundation

Friends of School Libraries and Instructional Media

St. Johns County Education Foundation recently added The Friends of School Libraries and Instructional Media to its list of participants. School Library budgets will be slashed by 25% for the 2009-2010 year. In order to maintain cherished student events The Friends of School Libraries and Instructional Media needs to generate revenue. This organization is looking for personal or corporate donations. To donate go to and click on the Make a Donation button. Under Donate to: Use the pull down menu to select Friends of School Libraries & Instructional Media. Thank you all for helping us maintain some of the best school library programs in Florida.